Strange Tydes Links

Last Updated: 28th December 2000

The following site links are some that we feel might be of use to Strange Tydes gamers.

We are happy to support any Strange Tydes gamers wishing to set up Strange Tydes websites. If you need any help, or just want to show us what you've come up with, please email us.

Naval Links:

The Naval Wargames Society - the Society to join for those interested in all aspects of nautical wargaming. The NWS journal Battlefleet whilst predominately historical is very inspiring.

David Manley's Naval Wargaming Pages - excellent starting point to explore naval wargaming and pinch ideas from for Strange Tydes.

Miniatures Links:

Langton Miniatures - manufacturers of a range of highly detailed line of 1/1200th Napoleonic and ACW warships which will prove highly useful.

Peter Pig - their Pirates range may well be 1/450th but are full of character and easy to 'fantasise' especially the separate deck crews. For Strange Tydes purposes they can be mixed well with Peter Pig's line of 1/600th ACW vessels.

Navwar - if you are looking to do Strange Tydes on a budget, then go no further than Navwar's ranges of cheap and cheerful 1/1200th age of sail vessels. Refight The Battle of Picadilly!!!

Skytrex - falling between Langton and Navwar, the Skytrex range of age of sail vessels is worthy of investigation, as is their Victorian era line that would make for some nice Dwarf vessels.

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