Geheimkrieg (pdf edition) - dark science WW2 rules by Matthew Hartley, Steve Blease and Michael Baumann released.

PDF rule editions now at Wargame Vault.

Hello and welcome to Wessex Games homepage.

We are a small "cottage industry" games company based in the south-west of England producing miniature gaming rules and figures.

Our range is quite varied (much of it "off the wall" and a labour of love) and continually expanding (albeit somewhat slowly on occasions, usually when "real life" intrudes on our activities!). We hope you find something to interest you.

This site will provide you with details of all our currently available products, plus some information on those currently under development. We recommend you join the appropriate mailing lists for games you are interested in to keep up to date with what we're up to.

Use the following links to find the product range(s) you are interested in.


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Fight battles in our historo-fantasy realm of The Land. From the days of horse, musket & magic to those of the mechanised Dwarf panzers. Fight battles which can be won by the magickal properties of a rapidly consumed bratwurst, though victory is more likely by well directed small arms fire!. Only the bravest (with a sense of humour) survive...

Darke Lands - 28mm scale colonial fantasy Company level wargames rules.
Futbowel - 28mm scale fantasy football rules and miniatures.
Panzerfäuste - 28mm scale mechanised fantasy tabletop skirmish rules and miniatures.
Ranke & Vyle - 28mm scale black powder fantasy Company level wargames rules.
Strange Grogge - 28mm scale black powder fantasy skirmish and role-playing rules
Strange Tydes - 1/1200th fantasy naval warfare in the "age of sail".
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A series of historical and contemporary wargames sets, aimed at gamers wishing to start a new period with minimum fuss of enter the hobby in the first place.

AirWar: 1918 - World War One air combat rules.
AirWar: C21 - 1/300th modern air combat rules.
ColdWar: 1983 - modern skirmish rules.
Gangland - 19th century gang warfare rules.
Scudbusters II: Back to Iraq - modern special forces rules.
SeaWar: 1805 - 1/1200th Age of Sail naval wargames rules.
Voyages Extraordinaires - 28mm scale Victorian Adventure Gaming skirmish rules and miniatures.
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A new range of wargames that take you into the realms of nightmare and horror.

Geheimkrieg - WW2 Dark Science wargames rules.
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From the world of dirty cyberpunk SF streetfighting in Firewall 2136AD through to the massed armoured battles of Iron Cow 2103AD. Fight guerrilla wars, revolutions and counter-insurgency operations on the fringe worlds of the galaxy away from the heart of civilisation or lead massive armoured thrusts on Earth and its colony worlds.

Firewall 2136AD - cyber-skirmish street warfare SF rules.
Hellfire - generic 6mm SF wargames rules.
Iron Cow 2103AD - 6mm SF armoured warfare wargames rules.
Iron Hawk 2136AD - 6mm SF aeropspace wargames rules.
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Enter the world of Victorian Science Fiction with our Redcoats on Mars series of games and miniatures. Fly in negative gravity flyers and blast the enemy out of the sky or enter dense jungles to discover lost civilisations, recreating the feel of the period of Scientific Romances.

Aeronef - 1/1200th VSF flyer combat rules and miniatures.
Aquanef - VSF submarine combat rules and miniatures.
Land Ironclads - 2mm VSF land ironclad combat rules and miniatures.
Voyages Extraordinaires - 28mm scale skirmish rules and miniatures.
Wessex Games Victorian Science Fiction Mailing List - keep up to date with what's going on with our Victorian science fiction games.

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